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Tpot a unit of shivanta agro foods pvt. ltd is a fast growing tea chain company based out of Delhi NCR.

The concept of having long gupshup, reliving best moments on tea - 'the high- five , the love talks, the leg pulling' is lost in the fast moving world.We wanted to bring back the concept of gupshup and 'TPOT' was born.

Tpot a unit of Shivanta agro foods pvt ltd was born in 2013. Our Value proposition is ‘Five star quality at road side vendor price’We have grown rapidly and have 30 outlets in Delhi NCR.We are daily serving an audience of more than 10,000 people across these locations.

Our offering includes chai, ice chai, shakes and different varieties of nastha.

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We are one of the best tea cafe in Delhi and our vision is to become the best tea cafe in the India.